Bingo Sites With Game Of Thrones Slot

With the release of the new Game of Thrones slot we have seen a lot of interest amongst players looking for bingo sites which offer this game so we have decided to bring you a list of all the sites that do so. Hopefully this will act as a resource players to use and share with their chat room buddies, we also ask that if you happen to spot a new site that we’ve missed that is hosting the game that you leave us a message using the form on the contact page.

The first thing to mention is that the Game of Thrones slot is produced by the ever reliable Microgaming – this means that you’ll find it primarily at bingo sites that are powered with Microgaming software. The following sites have this slot featured as of now,,,

Although it looks like a small selection so far it will only be a matter of time before it comes to more websites. There’s also a range of casinos that you can play the game at which we will cover later on.

The slot really is a lot of fun and with slick graphics, music from the TV show with various cut scenes to animate the bonuses and wins you’ll have a whirl on this slot. We particularly liked the scatter bonus which comes when you land 2 iron thrones – this brings up an on the spot prize and can roll in at any time helping to keep things interesting. Also, if you land more than 2 scatter symbols you’ll get a number of free spins as the game cuts away to the 4 main houses. You then choose a house and play the number of free spins that are designated to that house, the houses with higher numbers of free spins have lower multipliers though, so you’ll need to decide whether you want to risk taking a lesser number of spins for the bigger bonuses.

Being released on December 1st 2014 we have already spent a lot of time on this slot and have bagged some quality wins leaving us up overall. Generally we’d say that you will have frequent smaller wins as the bigger ones are, as always, harder to come across. Nonetheless it’s an exciting game that is a lot of fun to play as well! Take a look at the demo video below to get a better idea of how the game plays and to see some of the features.

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