Is bingo entirely based on luck?

This one is a bit of a hot topic and has been for quite some time. Is bingo  (and more specifically, online bingo) entirely based on luck or is there any skill involved at all? There are a number of arguments on both sides of the coin. Some claim that the more tickets you have the more chance you have of winning, while others say that the random nature of the balls means there can never be any skill involved. Let’s dig a little deeper and see which side — if any — has any merit.


The argument for skill:

Those who believe that bingo is a game of skill will point towards knowing how to manage your bankroll. By that we mean how many cards to buy in which games, which simply requires a little research into the games prize pools that night. Online, all this information is available on an operator’s website and you’ll known prior to the start of the game what the jackpot is. If you’re playing offline you can simply ask a member of staff. Not much skill required there, just a little inquisitiveness.

Now, if you’re buying more cards in the games with the bigger jackpots you will have a better chance of winning — that’s a fact. Just as buying two lottery tickets will give you more chance of winning as opposed to buying one. It’s simple mathematics. Keeping up with more than one card does require some skill though, we must concede that point at the very least. That’s the argument in its entirety.


The argument for luck:

This side of the coin is more of a realistic approach. It’s simple; the balls come out randomly. Whoever has their balls come out first wins.  If you buy more tickets you’re giving yourself a better chance of winning, yes, but that doesn’t mean more profit and it doesn’t require skill. If you bet on two horses in a race then you have a better chance of winning but you also stand to lose more.

We always want our readers to win, we love hearing your stories of huge jackpots and such. However, it’s important to remember that bingo is gambling — online or offline. It should be played for fun, not for profit.

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