Lucky Seats and Lucky Charms

We all know somebody who just seems to have all the luck, be it in bingo or just in life in general, and how annoying it can be to watch as their numbers get called time and again, whilst you are left helplessly waiting for your luck to turn around.4 Leaf Clover So, with this being said let’s look at a few ways you can help to get the gods on your side and bring some of that magical charm to your aid to brighten up the coming days! These apply to both the online world and when you visit your local bingo hall.

Lucky Seats

The first thing I look to when playing is the seat that I sit in. If I’ve had a good run in any given seat I will always try to make sure it’s where I sit the next time. Now, whether this actually has any effect is highly questionable, however, it does help me to get into that winning mentality and in turn heightens concentration, making sure nothing is missed. Just make sure you don’t steal anyone else’s lucky seat or you could be in trouble, it’s amazing just how fiercely they can be defended, with some giving up their seats only on pain of death! When it comes to playing online I also have somewhat of a ritual revolving around where I sit when playing, usually in the armchair in front of the TV, the location being chosen after one particularly lucky evenings play. Again, the effect it has is debateable but it does set me up in that positive mind frame which certainly doesn’t hurt things! I just wonder how many other players out there have similar routines, and if they are quite as bizarre as mine!

Lucky Charms

Although it can be embarrassing to admit, a large number of us carry some type of lucky charms around with us. For me, it’s a stone picked up on a beach as a child that has gone with me through thick and thin, keeping me out of danger and providing me with all the luck in my life (maybe). Studies show that individuals with lucky charms which they hold a genuine belief in can have a positive effect on performance across a variety of tasks, so with this in mind, if you haven’t got yourself a lucky charm that might well be what you’ve been missing. If you are stuck for ideas then you’ll only need to take a glimpse around any given bingo venue to get a wealth of ideas from the numerous lucky charms which are never far away, usually prominently displayed on the table!

Pre-Game Rituals

This is bordering on OCD so please don’t feel obliged to follow my lead! However, it’s not uncommon for people to go through certain rituals before a nights playing, whether this be before the game and what you have to eat or more simple things like the side of your chair place your bag, it all seems to help get you in the right mindset. My own personal rituals remain a closely guarded secret, not so much for the magic powers they hold on the influence of the luck that comes my way but more for the fact that you may consider me somewhat mad should you know! Just remember that if you do have your own rituals it’s not uncommon and a lot of the most successful sports players in the world, both past and present, have had some rituals which ranged from the absurd to the outright insane.

With all this being said, bingo is a game of fun and the trying to influence your luck is just an extension of this. If you are really looking for some genuine ways to increase your odds of winning that have been proven then hold on for future articles on the site!

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