Marine Corps Promotes Bingo?

The Marine Corps has been brought into disrepute in the past few days thanks to Guam Heart Bingo from Japan who duped them into posing for photos which they believed were to be used for promoting their “Toys for Tots” charity campaign. Done as part of a publicity stunt to help the cause gain some traction, troops from the Marine Corps met up with members of the Guam Heart Bingo company believing it to be an innocent affair, not knowing that behind it the pictures taken would be used in a newspaper ad to promote gambling. It’s expressly forbidden for a Marine to wear uniform in any advert and doing so in this scenario has meant they have taken real offence. 

Although action has been taken to stop further usage of the the photos the damage has already been done and it looks to the people who have seen it that the Marines are supporting online bingo, which is very odd indeed. The troops involved are stationed on the Western Pacific Ocean territory of Guam, an idyllic island the likes of which I’d love to travel to should my online bingo exploits allow me the funds to! 

The pics don’t seem to have found their way online yet so perhaps the actions taken to cease their distribution have worked. However, as with most things, as soon as they are placed on one site they are everywhere, especially if someone is trying to stop their circulation. 


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