No Deposit Bingo Offers Die Out, William Hill counters!

 No deposit bingo bonuses are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. They’ll never entirely disappear as they are a great way for the operators to draw in new players, however the industry’s big boys are now beginning to withdraw the offers and replace them with deposit bonuses of varying kinds. In the last month we have seen a some big names drop their promotions, such as Sky Bingo and Heart Bingo, both favouring first deposit bonuses.

 William Hill

The operators have realised that the free bingo credit does little to encourage customer loyalty, as players bounce between sites, taking every offer they can find to maximize profits. By offering customers more over a longer period of time they hope to retain their players, giving them a better deal and hopefully making a little more themselves. It’s a win/win situation!


Of course, there is always one company that’s going to go against the grain in one way or another. This time round it’s William Hill Bingo. With their current marketing campaign hitting the mainstream media (such as their tv advert below) they have taken steps to show their generosity to new players, offering some lucky players a free week of bingo!

All you need to do to get in on the action is login to your William Hill Bingo account and opt-in to the promotion in your account settings. From there on, every £1 you spend on bingo will grant you another entry into their daily draw for a week of free bingo! The bingo equivalent of an all you can eat buffet! Glorious!


As with all offers, there is some terms and conditions that you may want to look into but from what we have seen they’re relatively lax — just protecting William Hill from going out of business! Well worth getting in on, in our opinion!

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